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by Leanna Cinquanta

 Extraordinary encounters propel a young woman to launch a rescue mission in the toughest part of India.
Memoir/Creative Nonfiction


Apostolic Catalyst

Inspirational Revivalist

Literary Jouster

Leanna is a mentor and mom to a growing team of leaders who are bringing the Gospel, education and a better future to thousands across north India and beyond through TellAsia Ministries.

Through her series “Kingdom Impact” Leanna mobilizes God’s people into their mature identity as ambassadors of the King.

Propelled by the increasing eviction of Biblical values from Western culture, Leanna’s research and writing restores to our histories the lost truths of the Judeo-Christian worldview and its astounding contributions to humanity.


This land belongs to the Kingdom of Light.

The forces of darkness are trespassers in our cities, our schools and our homes.

It’s time for those who love righteousness, peace and justice to arise.

Where are God’s mighty men and women today?

The Most Christ-Like Act

Invading dark places includes rescuing captives out of both spiritual slavery and physical oppression. Founded by Leanna in 1997, TellAsia Ministries has since led thousands to freedom in Christ from some of the least evangelized areas of Asia.

Then in 2005 the Lord said to Leanna, “The most Christ-like act a person can do in this life is to give Jesus and a bright future to a child who has no hope.” With this TellAsia began working among the 30 million destitute, orphaned and at-risk children of north India, providing care, nourishment and education.

Dr Tom Hatley

“(TellAsia’s gospel work) is Biblically based, aggressive and functionally sound. It is producing astonishing results and has the vision to become one of the greatest advances of the gospel in our generation… see if it will provoke your faith and elevate your vision.”

~ Dr Tom Hatley, former Chairman, Baptist International Mission Board, Sr. Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Rogers, AR

50,000 in three days?

How can you influence 50,000 people every month with only three days of work and no money?

The Black Swan Effect by Felicity Dale

“Leanna Cinquanta is a pure antidote to complacency. She leaves hearts that are burning with the zeal of the Lord and motivated to do their part in the transformation of nations, starting right where they are. She is global impact wrapped in a tiny frame and releases both personal heart challenge and world changing strategies.”

~ Charles and Ann Stock, Life Center Ministries, PA

Kingdom Impact equips God’s people to enter a new realm of victory and purpose. Peppered with Leanna’s own amazing testimonies and experiences in India, Kingdom Impact boosts faith, expands vision and mobilizes participants to embark on the adventure of impacting the world as ambassadors of Christ.

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The Black Swan Effect by Felicity Dale

“Leanna is small in stature but powerful in His Spirit. She speaks a bold clarion call to step aside from small ambitions into an inheritance of impacting the world for Christ. God can do whatever he wants in a son or daughter who dares to say, ‘Yes!’”

~ Julie Ross in the book The Black Swan Effect

It is no longer I who live...

but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.`` ~ Galatians 2:20

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