Hope Amidst Hardship

WIN is deeply grateful to all of you who continue to support the work in Asia and beyond. WE NEED YOU because the people in regions of the world having less than we do, need us. Enjoy this brief video update on how our native leaders are standing, and taking hope and healing to others […]

Faith over Fear, Cure over Covid-19

A teenage girl strolled along a path in the Minnesota woods enjoying the sweet forest aromas of spring; tender new grasses and ferns bent with droplets kissed her jeans and arms with the remnants of the night’s rain. As the moist earth cushioned and muffled each step of her sneakers, the tranquility, the budding life, […]

The Crown that Rules Corona

I pray and declare God’s peace and provision over you and your families during this outbreak of global concern. When we look back across history, every time an epidemic broke out, eventually the Lord enabled humans todiscover vaccines and antibiotics to defeat them. Times of trial provide an opportunity for believers to demonstrate Christ’s love, peace […]