When Blacks and Women were Cancelled

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February was Black History Month – a month to celebrate the lives, culture, contributions and legacy of our brothers and sisters of African heritage. This month – March – is Women’s History Month – a month to celebrate women.

Not long ago and sometimes and in some places, yet today – not just these but other categories of humanity as well as whites, have been “canceled” rather than celebrated.

"cancel culture" silences those who dare to hold views that don't go along with the mob.
“Cancel culture” silences those who dare to hold views that don’t go along with the mob.

We have embarked on an era where those who hold the power of the airwaves and cyberspace engage in “CANCEL CULTURE” – rejecting our culture as evil, and forcing silence and obscurity upon voices and views which diverge from their own. History does not line up with their agenda, so they try to “cancel” history by rewriting it and then convincing the mob that this new version of history is true, and the original is false. That which holds the key to global thriving is thus cancelled, and we are all carried toward the very pit of Communist totalitarianism that destroyed so many civilizations before. For a fresh breath of air to the contrary, see Heritage.org.

Why am I writing about these things? Because GOD CARES ABOUT NATIONS, and GOD CARES ABOUT FREEDOM and GOD CARES ABOUT JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PEACE, and GOD CARES ABOUT YOU. Therefore when the greatest propagator of the above values that the world has ever seen is being CANCELLED, I cannot remain silent.

Those who are now celebrated were once “canceled.” And now some are making the same mistake again, “cancelling” what is both precious and beautiful.

When I was a 16 and learning to drive a car, my Dad taught me “Don’t just focus straight in front of your own car. Keep one eye on the other guy. Drive ahead. Look out ahead. Only that way you can become a safe and good driver.” Today, it has become the norm to drive our lives by looking only at the immediate vicinity around ourselves, and to cut down as wrong anyone who suggests that there may be a broader reality. We have bought-into a tunnel vision, a dangerous blind-sided craze that fails to look at the big picture.

To a house cat, 1,200 sq. ft. of carpet and walls is the world. While safe and comfortable so long as it lasts, this warped and truncated perspective is not true. Chance the door be left ajar and pussy finds herself outside, the overwhelming truth of how much bigger the world is sends her scampering back into the house or under the nearest bush. Likewise, unless we look at the big picture of history, we will get it entirely wrong… and proceed to commit the same tragic and unnecessary mistakes that destroyed our predecessors. But if we will only stop, and open our eyes, and take in the wonderment of what the big picture has to show us, we will be like this Asian university student who saw the big picture and chose to take a stand for what he came to realize was the truth.

So if we wish to know truth, we must look at the big picture of history… REAL history, not the reworked histories that modernity attempts to foist upon us.

Here’s a few historical facts which are being “CANCELLED” these days. The cancellation of these facts is part of the fuel behind the CANCEL CULTURE epidemic:

1. Slavery is not the invention of Europeans, America, Great Britain or whites. It has existed as long as humans have inhabited the planet.

The ancient Chinese (<2,000 BC) practiced slavery of their own people. In fact, when a slave’s master died, the slave was also killed. The Egyptians enslaved the entire nation of Israel. Throughout ancient history, wars were fought to acquire slaves. Whoever lost the war became slaves of the victor. Though evil and horrible, taking and keeping of slaves was part of everyday society. India, like China, codified slavery into its religious and social structure resulting in a significant portion of the population being enslaved to those of “higher” castes – up to 40%. Slavery was so prolific during the Roman Empire that it is estimated 1/3 of the population were slaves, sourced from any conquered tribe or nation.

From early 600AD as Islam swept across the land killing and overtaking formerly Christian territories, any conquered non-Muslim was fair game for enslavement. Throughout the Middle Ages and the early modern period, Islam preferred white-skinned Europeans as slaves. White Europeans were enslaved by the thousands and were often emasculated to control their numbers. Sex slavery continues to be a part of Islamic culture today.

If we, like the house cat, only see the small world inside our own short lifespan or within our own cultural or social groups, then we will easily believe lies. But seeing the big picture reveals that slavery was the norm throughout every nation, every philosophical tradition, and every political system throughout all of history.

Having seen that slavery has existed across all eras of history and affected all nationalities, a second truth becomes evident:

2. “Black” or “White” is not the main issue. All ethnicities have suffered slavery and discrimination.

If we are to apprehend and embrace truth rather than joining modernity’s reverse KKK lynch mob, then it is essential that we note that the “big picture” of slavery was not “black” vs “white.” In bygone eras whites suffered enslavement in the same way that blacks have in more recent times. Thus, historically, slavery wasn’t tied to ethnicity or skin color. Skin color as a factor in racism is a rather recent development. Ethnicities which would in a future era enslave others (such as Europeans), were in an earlier era themselves enslaved! Slavery was the accepted norm across all eons and all nations of the world.

3. America was not built on slavery. Quite the opposite, America and Great Britain were leaders in ending the African slave trade.

Beginning in the year 1500 the Transatlantic Slave Trade saw European traders bringing Africans as slaves to Europe and to the “new world,” America. Let me repeat – in doing so, neither Europe nor America were unique. THEY WERE SIMPLY CARRYING ON WHAT HAD BEEN THE NORM THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE WORLD FOR THE PAST SIX MILLENNIA. While most slave owners in America were whites, free blacks held other blacks as slaves and some rounded up other blacks and sold them to slave traders.

But a nation founded upon Judeo Christian values sensed from the outset that slavery of some human beings by others was inappropriate. Slavery was untenable for a nation which based its values and its worldview upon Christ who commanded “do to others as you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12) and upon the New Testament which states, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ JesusGal 3:28.

Prior to gaining independence, the state of Virginia had attempted to ban the importation of slaves. Within two years of gaining autonomy and becoming the United States of America, and in the very first session held under the Republican government (1778), Virginia passed a law prohibiting the importation of slaves. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “This will in some measure stop the increase of this great political and moral evil, while the minds of our citizens may be ripening for a complete emancipation of human nature.” He thus declared his vision to someday see the complete end of the “moral evil” of slavery.

Henry Berry, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, in 1832 likened slavery to “cancer” and “a fatal disease” and referred to it repeatedly as “the evil”. A few of his actual words: “Slavery is a grinding curse upon this state…This evil [of slavery]…we shall deserve the severest censure if we do not take measures as soon as possibly, to remove it.”

Abraham Lincoln (R) won the presidency on the basis of his and his party’s stand against slavery and commitment to end it. The Civil War broke out a year later in opposition to freeing the slaves.

Blacks played a major part in the Civil War. The US military welcomed blacks into the army and navy to fight alongside their white comrades for the common goal of freedom for all races. Roughly 179,000 black men (10% of the Union Army) voluntarily enlisted as soldiers and another 19,000 served in the Navy. Thus blacks were invited into full equality and also empowered into the worldview and the practice of their rights as free American citizens.

Prior to becoming president, when he was still a Congressman (1849) Abraham Lincoln had drafted a letter intending to secure freedom for all slaves held in the District of Colombia (Washington DC) which was passed in 1862. A year later he saw the complete fulfillment of his vision for ending slavery. I think it would do the soul of our generation good to hear the words of a white man who gave his life for his commitment to ending slavery. From the unedited first draft of the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln wrote:

"I, as Commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, do order and declare that on the first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any state or states... shall then, thenceforward and forever, be free."

This was closely followed by the 13th Amendment. While the path to full integration had only begun, these were the solid foundations upon which all human beings, of whatever race or color – provided they were willing to work and live at peace with their fellow citizens – might from that point forward experience freedom, develop wealth and build a happy and fulfilled future.

Slavery was entrenched in the world for 6,000+ years. The movement to abolish slavery was initiated by the Christian world – Europe and the USA. It finally brought to the chained earth a grateful and global blessing – FREEDOM!

Of course, in some nations and under various guises slavery does continue. The Indian caste system results in millions of bonded laborers enslaved by debt. The government has recognized this evil and has taken action toward providing opportunity for the lower castes to rise up through education and job quotas. Today indeed, there are three times more enslaved persons than there were in the time of the African slave trade. These modern slaves aren’t in America and the lines aren’t drawn by race. Modern slavery is mostly a result of Asians enslaving other Asians and Africans enslaving other Africans.

By Homunculus 4 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=93100245https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_the_21st_century#/media/File:Maps_Global_Slavery_Index_2019.png

Once we see the big picture that the more complete picture of History teaches us, our young generation who is being tragically and dangerously deceived may instead again be proud of their great nation! For once we see a more complete set of facts, then we are not filled with blind indignation but with wonderment and humble pride in the courage and character of our ancestors. The thing at which to be amazed is not that remnants of discrimination still linger here and there in Western society. Rather, we ought to wonder, with great awe and thanksgiving, that after the world labored for the entire known history of humankind – 6,000+ years – under the GLOBAL PANDEMIC of slavery, yet in our recent time – in the last 300 years – systemic, legalized slavery has all but been wiped from the face of the earth! This is a great miracle! What other evil, what other scourge has been all but eradicated? Smallpox, leprosy and polio yes, by the invention of vaccines. But what social evil? What moral error has globally been terminated?

A very current proof that people of color and races other than white are no longer being “cancelled” in the United States is the Mexico border. A current example that all human beings can find a better future in The Land of the Free, is the thousands of unaccompanied children who have been sent to our border in hopes of gaining entry. Obviously, the myriads of immigrants to the USA don’t think there’s much racism here or they would stay in Mexico and Venezuela.

Whereas in a former generation certain people were “cancelled” on account of their race or gender, today other people are being cancelled” on account of their commitment to beliefs which differ from that of the media tycoons or of the mob – beliefs that uphold history and the heritage of freedom. As shameful as slavery was and is, it is equally shameful that today in “the land of the free” people are being shackled by media cancellation and robbed of their careers by the mob simply for taking a stand for things that others choose to reject or disagree with. The America which CANCELS the views that support history, freedom and Biblical moral values is not the America I love nor the America I grew up in. If we allow ourselves to be “cancelled” by the mob, then the mob will only grow stronger. There will be martyrs. But the values which shaped our freedom – the values of the Bible – must be upheld. History – the real history – must be upheld and proclaimed.

Enjoy this video interview with a man of great wisdom and character, Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo from Uganda. This is the third black person I’ve interviewed recently who does not agree with “critical race theory.”

Andrew observes, “In America I have not experienced (discrimination on account of race/color). When somebody talks about racism, I have to ask, what does that mean, what does that look like. Because that has never happened (to me in America). Nobody is stopping me from starting a business, publishing books…Being in this country, what I’ve come to see is I can limit myself. If I am thinking somebody owes me, or I cant be something because I am black, then I have to shift my thinking. As the Bible says, “as a man thinks in his heart so is he.” When I begin to align myself with what God thinks and dreams for me regardless of who I am, I’ll be blessed. We need to shift some things. Am I going to be seen as somebody who is trustworthy, dependable? Am I going to honor others? What I think about myself and my fellow man makes the difference. There are many thigs that have been associated with being black that have nothing to do with color. It has to do with character. Are we people of character? If we are looting, breaking, destroying property, that’s not good character. Nobody’s going to trust somebody that uses those ways to get attention. The way we get attention is become proactive, contribute to society, be involved in the process of healing, reconciliation, but beginning with ourselves.”

Leanna Cinquanta is the author of Treasures in Dark Places. She is a motivational speaker and founder of WIN (We Ignite Nations) and WIN Life.

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