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Since the most sensational stuff that’s been happening this year is not publishable on public media, I’ve kind of let my Blog lapse… shucks, when you’ve just experienced a real-life modern-day angelic opening of doors, every other story seems a bit dull…

But there’s other awesome stuff happening too, so let me get this Blog up and running again! YAY!!! Here’s the most recent excitement, speaking in the Deborah’s DC conference at the Trump International Hotel last week… Let this foot-stomping exhortation inspire you to get out and do some TREADING to bring light and hope into dark places!

Ministering during the Deborahs DC conference for an audience of around 500 women leaders from around the world.

You’re a Deborah! (even if you’re a guy… ok if you’re a guy then you can be a Joshua!) Joshua 1:3 “Wherever the sole of your foot shall tread, God has given you the land.” You have authority in the land to make a difference, to bring hope where there is hopelessness, healing where there is pain, joy where there is sorrow and love where there is hatred.

Wonder why Deborah went with Barak to the battle? Why didn’t she stay at home under her palm tree? (Judges 4) Because there is power in your physical presence. As a follower of the Anointed One, Jesus, authority has been delegated to you. By His Spirit that dwells in you, when you go about your daily work have the attitude, “Here I am Lord, use me.” This attitude places you in the realm of faith where God can use you as His vessel, His ambassador. As you live your life each day in this attitude, submitting to Him and seeking to “do good” as Jesus did, know that you carry His presence. Like Deborah and Barak, He will win your battles and use you as a light to all who see you!

Presenting Treasures in Dark Places to Gisella from Colombia.

Next week I head for San Diego and LA so if you’re reading this and your in southern CA let’s grab coffee!

Seriously, I will post again soon – probably an excerpt from a book I’m working on. Stay tuned!

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