Christmas Season – Your BC to AD

A rich collection of imagery surrounds the celebration of Christmas. Star, shepherds, angels and wise men all convene in celebration of one Infant. Tradition has added red bows and green wreaths, shiny bells and silver stars, presents and pastries. This one Birthday is recognized across the entire world, in every nation. Jesus divides history into […]

A Gold Vein Moment-pt 2

Following this brief time however, the moment ended. This particular meeting was not unique. In the few meetings that actually attain Secondary School, I’ve almost never seen one which went beyond it into strategic mobilization and action plans. This is not limited to corporate meetings but also pertains to the individual. When the Lord speaks […]

A Gold Vein Moment-pt 1

This post grew to over four pages so I split it. You’ll have to come back next week for Part 2… As I scan the spectrum of vibrant Christian groups I observe that the fresh move of God’s Spirit has brought us out of dry powerless religion. It has brought us to a place where […]