Strategic Impact Speaker Leanna Cinquanta

"Your passion is inspiring and contagious

Your message is direct from Father’s heart and delivered with a conviction that resonates pure authenticity. I thank God for you...

Because of your faithfulness

to obey God I have a real life example. Thank you for inspiring and imparting courage to ‘JUST DO IT!’”
~Pastor Noel Howard, City Church, Fort Myers, FL

"Leanna will stir your faith,

capture your heart and renew your vision to believe for the impossible.

You will be moved,

and there’s no telling what God might call forth in your own life." ~Rev. Gary Wilkerson, World Challenge and Springs Church, CO


Leanna’s ministry is an infusion of radical faith, global vision and out-of-the-box strategy. She mixes practical teaching with inspiring testimonies that draw listeners to the edge of their seats. Firmly founded on Scripture, her messages always point to Jesus. Her high-energy motivational speaking style is combined with thought-provoking questions and activities that get the audience on their feet participating.

Leanna is a high-energy motivational speaker, outreach strategist and equipper of leaders. Her academic background includes YWAM, Fuller Theological Seminary, and the “Outstanding Graduate” award from Regent University’s Doctoral program. She is a Biblical scholar bringing maturity to the Body of Christ with Spiritual anointing guided by sound Scriptural doctrine. Her messages follow thrilling dramatized real-life testimonies with practical insights from the Word of God, empowering congregations into action.

Leanna customizes her messages to the needs of each congregation. She is committed to serving you according to your needs and in alignment with the preferences and customs of your church or conference. She cherishes and celebrates all expressions of the Christian faith - Charismatic, Congregational, Catholic and everyone else who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether contemporary or traditional, Leanna will gladly adapt her style to your culture. Her passion and joy is to equip others into their adventure of transforming lives with God’s love.

Leanna ministering to children in Korea



Leanna ministering in Korea

As the people of Israel wandered and died in the desert, likewise many Christians spend their lives searching for purpose and struggling with the residual brokenness from a traumatic past. However this is not God’s will! Desert experiences are intended to be only temporary. Jesus has a Promised Land of wholeness, victory and purpose for everyone. No matter what was in our past, a bright future lies ahead. With amazing personal stories she relates with the participants’ struggles and brokenness, demonstrating that God has the power and the desire to deliver them. She then opens the Scriptures teaching participants how to move from brokenness to victory through Jesus Christ. In conclusion she leads participants in practical and personal application of the Scriptures to their own lives resulting in many discovering a new walk of victory, peace and joy through Jesus’ victory.


In order for a person to experience the full blessings of God’s Kingdom, he or she must understand how and why humans are created uniquely “in God’s image.” With dramatized examples and testimonies from her own life and ministry, Leanna ushers participants into the fascination of how powerful, purposed and influential they were designed to be. Each “pillar” is grounded in Scripture and related to practical life applications. In conclusion Leanna leads participants in the discovery of how to cultivate each “pillar” for greater victory and impact in their personal lives and ministries.

Pillars of your image of God


Leanna illustrating her message of small light penetrating massive darkness

Beginning at Genesis, Leanna takes participants on a journey through the Scriptures showing them a whole new paradigm which has rarely been taught. As the Scriptures disclose this amazing, beautiful and powerful identity, participants realize that they were created not simply to go to heaven but to make a difference in the world for God’s Kingdom. Seeing often for the first time the awesome mandate and the glorious vision of God in His creation and salvation of His prize creation, participants arise to a higher vision, a clearer life focus and a stronger Christian walk. Leanna concludes this session with a time of praising and worshiping God from a new platform of awe and humility at His awesome love, which leads to overwhelming joy, authority and confidence.


Ushering participants back to a time before Christ was born, Leanna takes them on a tour through history. But this isn’t any ordinary history lesson. She reveals a hidden mystery that we never learned in history class in school, and which our culture and textbooks neglect to mention. Not only do the heavens declare God’s glory; so does history! Participants discover that they are part of a global, cross-generational and nation-transforming movement which has shaped the modern and developed world. This means every believer has the potential to make a vast difference for the cause of God and the cause of good in the earth. The session concludes with a time of deep intercession for our city, our nation, our leaders and the world.

Leanna ministering


Leanna with her native leaders who spearhead the mighty work of TellAsia Ministries in India

For missions-focus groups, Leanna will teach the unique and strategic step-by-step process by which the Gospel can take root in an unreached and persecuted territory. Richly illustrated with examples and testimonies from her own ministry in north India, this session will provide a new and efficient paradigm for those passionate about reaching the least evangelized or most needy areas of the world. With 100,000 new believers a year in a region known as “the graveyard of Christianity” and tens of thousands of needy children being rescued and educated for a bright future, Leanna will inspire and direct your group for maximum missions effectiveness.


Every culture and nation has unique entry points by which it can be influenced for God and by which the Gospel can take root in the peoples’ hearts. Leanna prepares for this session by concentrated prayer and research into the specific background, situation, culture and needs of your city, group and/or nation. Therefore the insights she brings are uniquely tailored for your needs. Teaching will reveal the “roots” by which God throughout the Bible has influenced nations. Leanna will share her personal journey of discovering the “roots” of Northern India by which today a mighty movement to Christ is underway. Part of this session will actively engage and celebrate members of your group who are most “indigenous” to your focus community. The session concludes with Leanna leading the congregation in declaring God’s love and salvation over your city, nation or cultural group using the most indigenous forms possible. As ancient, often suppressed cultural forms are liberated, the session often climaxes in joyful celebration.

Leanna with her native leaders who spearhead the mighty work of TellAsia Ministries in India