Ancient keys reveal the pathway to your hidden inheritance and the influence and joy you almost gave up on. Ready to step out of the mundane and into God’s highest purpose? Let’s go! 


"Leanna is a pure antidote to complacency." ~ Charles & Ann Stock, Life Center


“Renews your vision to believe for the impossible" ~ Gary Wilkerson, World Challenge


"Has an anointing for cities and regions" ~ Dick & Arleen Westerhof, European Economic Summit

Hey I'm Leanna

And I want to help you enter your SECRET CALLING.

I’m an entrepreneur, nonprofit Director, published author, motivational speaker, mom, artist, adventurer and equestrian. The movements, initiatives and heroic teams I facilitate transform lives and whole communities.

Most importantly, I am a disciple maker, empowering others to go further and higher than I because you get to stand on my shoulders.

Deep inside you is the spark of potential to be way more than you ever imagined and to bring vast good into this world. If you’re dissatisfied with where you’re at and believe God put inside you an undiscovered purpose that is yet to blossom, then I can help you!


Discover the long-concealed keys that release you into a new dimension of influence and purpose.

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What The Faith!

With Leanna and Aeriel

Relevant, relatable, and redemptive discussions on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions being asked by today’s young generation. Scripture, personal stories, and Wisdom from real life experience converge. Connect with a community where God is awesomely real and your destiny is unleashed!

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“The best testimonial I've read since The Hiding Place.” ~ a Harper Collins editor

“Ignite the most significant move of God in history!” ~ – Dr. Ché Ahn, Int. Chancellor, Wagner University


What They Say

Leanna summons you to “step aside from small ambitions into an inheritance of impacting the world.”

Julie Ross

She is “pioneering and leading a work that is transforming a nation”

Gary Wilkerson

Leading “an incredible work in some of the most difficult areas”

Voice of the Martyrs

“Your heart will burn and your faith will be activated as she takes you on her journey of mystery and revelation, trial and triumph."

James W Goll
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The Most Christ-Like Act

Along with rescuing kids out of human trafficking, busting brothels and developing top quality schools, we are innovating solutions to poverty, igniting movements of hope and wholeness.

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