Worship Riots

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A week or so ago about fifteen ministry leaders representing several states gathered in the middle of a hay field… or, to be precise, inside a nice house located in the boonies and surrounded by farmland. Nobody even thought of wearing a mask, and everyone hugged just like the good ol’ days. Then we exuberantly filled the airspace with our microscopic droplets as we sang and worshiped the Lord. At some point between the worship time and the message I publicly observed, “You know, this is an underground house church, just like China… but in the middle of America!”  

We are at war. This is a war for the very foundations of our nation. The powers of darkness are fighting harder than ever to undermine the foundational blessing of God on “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”  Freedom only works to the extent that the people self-govern because they are willingly governed by a higher Law. Our first President referred to Christianity when he declared “religion and morality” to be “these great pillars of human happiness” and warned, “reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” (George Washington quoted in newly released book Live Free or Die by Sean Hannity).  

When Truth is not as vociferous as Error, Error will eventually present itself as being Truth.

Our good constitution which vests power in the hands of the people, has been hijacked by those who, if afforded yet more power, will change it entirely to the ruin of all. For example, “Freedom of speech” has been hijacked so that it is completely impossible to turn on the TV or google anything remotely political, and hear facts. Daring to google a political topic is to walk straight into a firing squad. Every single article attempts to discredit, bash, mock or otherwise dishonor the current administration. The social media Goliaths are now misusing “freedom of speech” to censor what they don’t want you to hear – because they have lost sight of the moral Law of truth, justice and honesty. This should alert us to the fact that we are at war.

Moreover these things shouldn’t surprise us, since the agenda of darkness is being repulsed for the first time in eight+ years. Thank God for conservative radio, and for the likes of Dinesh D’Souza. He has a new movie coming out in September, check it out. Fancy that; it took a brown-skinned immigrant to enlighten the rest of us about what is happening in our own nation!

When a people are as polarized as America right now, partisanship is not about politics but principles. Not man’s government but God’s grace is what will save a nation. And God’s grace can prosper a nation only to the extent that the people and their ruling party align with God’s constitution, the Bible.

Freedom only works to the extent that the people self-govern because they are willingly governed by a higher Law.

In 1867 John Stuart Mill said, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” When Truth is not as vociferous as Error, Error will eventually present itself as being Truth. This is extremely dangerous, and it’s where a large parentage of Americans are at right now – enveloped, or at least teetering on the edge, of believing the error that so violently and vociferously presents its falsified, one-sided and emotion-driven case. When Truth is drowned out by Error, the minds of those who don’t know enough or don’t spend the time or effort to dig deeper and find out the facts, are corrupted and warped. The good news: 

More than half up to 90% (depending  on which study you use) of adult Americans have realized the liberal media is no longer a source of news but little more than a soap opera tickling the ears of those who are willing to be hypnotized by maestros of sensationalized subjective propaganda.

Having nevertheless assured themselves in having secured the airwaves and many other venues of propaganda, the powers of Error have recently taken it further. All normal public life had compliantly ground to a sneezing halt in the legitimate (more or less?) intent to prevent the spread of Covid. Businesses had closed, churches had taken their services online, and people were “sheltering at home.” Some were even complying with the demand to wear masks (remember that at the start of all this, we were told NOT to wear masks. Interesting). Never had we seen anything like this. Empty streets, empty stadiums, empty church buildings, and people going absolutely stir crazy inside their homes.

Then the George Floyd incident happened. And that was the end of social distancing for those who went on the streets to protest. How much of it was actual protest and how much was groupthink or an excuse to get out of the house and shout, we can’t be certain. But authorities especially in blue communities turned a veritable deaf ear and blind eye to huge crowds of violent rioters destroying private property and turning our streets into a scene from Afghanistan. Police lives don’t matter it seems, only black lives matter?

So to put it in perspective: Legitimate businesses were asked to close to stop the spread of Covid. And so they did, obediently, without resistance, for the sake of the nation, though it meant the death of many. But emotion-driven, irresponsible rioters may freely defy all restrictions in the name of racial discrimination.    

I like what one small western community did; when they heard of riots in nearby towns, the police and the citizens collaboratively decided that if any riot started in their streets, the people would come out packing their heat and assist the police to run them all out of town! 

Please understand, that I am not against peaceful protests. Whatever racial discrimination remains in America is despicable and should be rooted out. But the cowardly destruction of property is useless and shameful, and the depraved refusal to recognize that one bad cop does not warrant an attack against our law enforcement which SAVES thousands of lives each year, is beggarly Naziism. 

Oh and did anybody stop to notice the autopsy on the Fentanyl and Meth addict?  He had “severe arteriosclerotic heart disease” and “hypertensive heart disease” … and Covid-19! He died of “heart failure” not asphyxiation. Note that side effects of Fentanyl addiction are “breathing problems” and “heart disease.” 

Only last year something similar to the Floyd incident happened two miles from my home: A family acquaintance whom I’ll call Jim, was providing low-cost housing to help people trying to get on their feet again. Jim was present on the property when he observed one of his tenants trying to snatch a bag of illicit drugs from his wife, who was pleading with him to stop taking drugs. The man was becoming violent so his wife passed the bag of drugs to Jim and took her son into the house, away from her raving husband. Jim attempted to calm down the irate addict to no avail. The 30 year-old assaulted Jim. Though in his mid 70s, Jim was a former Chicago street fighter and knocked the assailant onto the ground in self defense. When Jim tried to revive the fallen addict, he had expired. The autopsy concluded that the assailant had experienced something common to drug addicts – extreme anger or emotion can cause them to have heart failure because their body is so stressed already due to the repeated drug overdoses. 

Even though the circumstances of the death were very similar to the Floyd incident, no riots ensued, and Jim was not charged with any crime. Why? 

1) Jim is not a police officer 

2) The deceased was white, not black.  

Now who is it that is suffering racial (and occupational) discrimination? 

Not only the riots, but also the peaceful protests violated the “stay at home” and “social distancing” orders. Which would be fine… EXCEPT THAT… 

Now, the brazen voice of Error in the great blue state of CA, in the name of Covid mitigation, has attempted to defy our First Amendment rights to worship with singing and chanting because singing pumps Covid viruses into the air….WHILE THE RIOTERS’ COVID VIRUSES CONTINUE TO SPEW UNHINDERED!! 

Seriously, how stupid do we think we are? Are we supposed to think people who go on the streets to shout and destroy civilized life don’t have Covid, but people who go to church or mass or synagogue or mosque do? Is it because the rioters are outdoors and the religious are indoors? I suggest that an angry screaming mob in close quarters outdoors is exposing itself to far more airborne nasties than church members quietly singing a few songs. Or has race dethroned God, such that whatever is done in the name of race it’s unassailable, but whatever is done in the name of God may be banished at the whim of men and with the stroke of pen? Or is it just another cheap shot at the current administration which has made great strides against the legions of darkness that bred like Urk during the Obama years, such as allowing God back into schools and opposing the slaughter of the unborn? 

The radical Left is willing to stop the mouths of Christians singing praises in plea toward God for His mercy on all human beings. Meanwhile they allow the mouths of rioters to spew hatred in angst toward fellow humans in the name of equality. Thus they unwittingly make themselves the fool, demonstrating the very antithesis of equality and the epitome of discrimination. 

You say “I’m not in California.” This still pertains to you, because when Truth succumbs to Error in one place, barring a major unexpected (divine?) turnaround like the 2016 election, the rest of the world is a line of dominoes. Just look at the LGBT movement and the demise of the Biblical mandate of marriage between a man and a woman. 

What then should be the response of the sane-minded citizen of Earth who is not willing to be blown with every wind of emotion but who wishes to take a stand? What should be the position of those lovers of truth who desire to “stand up next to you and defend her still today” promoting freedom enthroned on virtue? 

Don’t engage in violence

If motivated to make your voice heard, leave no trace – neither blood, nor overturned trash can nor smashed police car. Don’t want to wear a mask in the store? Neither do I. Sometimes I wear it. Sometimes I take it off after I get inside. If it’s a moral issue for you, then do what you feel best but don’t criticize what others choose to do. Back when the mask wearing demand had eased up and most folks weren’t wearing one, a friend of mine who chose to wear a mask was mocked as a confederate of the Left. Don’t do that. Be a peace maker and honor the decisions of others, but stand for Truth. Remember, Christ came to reconcile – to make peace.

Be a prophetic voice – build up, don’t just tear down

Prophetic reformers conclude with a positive proposition. That means if you must tear down something, then you have a responsibility to also build up something (Jeremiah 1:10) If you are called to tear down the evil – as do the foregoing paragraphs – then you are obligated not to leave your audience hanging without a positive outlet. You must also shine a light on the right path, the way forward, the solution. Speaking of shining examples, a friend of mine in New York named Boto – an Indian serving in the Covid hot-spot of New York – joined the peaceful protesters on the street during the Floyd riots. And then he and his team took pizza to the police station and honored and appreciated the police for the work they do. THAT is prophetic. 

Be the change you propose

Third, if you say then you must also do. Be the change you propose. Engage personally. Don’t throw things and run. Go in. Hear the hearts of the people. Listen to reason. Take the return fire if necessary. I honor Harvest International Ministry and Pastor Che Ahn, and other churches in California who have stood and said NO to Gov. Newsom’s unconstitutional decree that religious groups must not sing while rioters may continue shouting. There is a time to resist. When the powers of the day ordered the Apostles to stop preaching, Peter and John declared, “You can judge for yourselves—is it better to listen to you or to God? It’s impossible for us to stop speaking about all the things we’ve seen and heard!”” (Acts 4:19-20) Such a time has come in regard to the order to stop singing. We must obey God, not man. 

While our society is incensed about racial discrimination, let us also see to it that the wolf of religious discrimination does not sneak in under guise as the sheep of disease prevention.  

And with that, let me conclude: If for the sake of human honor we put ourselves at risk, defy ordinances and raise our voices, but when it comes to honoring God we allow ourselves to be put to silence, what does that say about our faith, or about our nation? If the powers of darkness can so violate our constitutional rights now, then what is next? Therefore I adjure every leader, every disciple of Christ, every son and daughter of the King of kings, do not allow yourself to be silenced! Comply as much as possible. Paul admonishes us, ” If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18) So, go to the church meeting! But if you’re not in the middle of a hay field, it would be wise to observe social distancing and/or wear a mask. Comply with the law to the greatest degree possible. After all, Covid is a genuine danger with or without hydroxychloroquine! So, participate in church gatherings! Sing! Love on people! Serve in your community. Banish fear and walk in wisdom and in faith. And while our society is incensed about racial discrimination, let us also see to it that the wolf of religious discrimination does not sneak in under guise as the sheep of disease prevention.  If rioters are free to shout then worshipers must be free to sing.

One wise and strategic group of Christians got together and marched down to the courthouse. Everyone thought they were rioting, so nobody bothered them. Then instead of protesting something, they began to sing and worship God and pray for peace, equality and reconciliation. The “worship riot” worked; they were able to worship God in song only because they appeared to be rioters. They took their worship outside into the public space….

Which opens us into another fascinating and transformational topic, to be explored in a future post. In the meantime, let’s have more worship riots!


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