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Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!

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Many moons have passed since I posted a blog. Reason: If I spend more than 30mn on something and don’t influence at least 50 people but preferably 500+, I get bored. For this impatience I blame a lifetime of influencing tens and hundreds of thousands in India. More recently, I am influencing millions through an obvious-but-undiscovered techno-strategy. Jump on board …

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Pray for Niki

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Please pray for my friend Niki (photo). She was just kicked in the head by a horse, and has undergone a stroke and two brain operations. Hundreds of prayers have gone out for her, and she is – truly miraculously – getting better. Here’s an excerpt from my book “Touch of the Man” the publishing date of which has now …

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Cliff Jumping Memories

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This past week I’ve been in Grand Rapids MN where I lived 25 years ago, at the runway/home of my spiritual father, Dave Cutsforth. Many incredible memories linger though much has changed. The apartment where we used to live in the back of the airplane hangar has been torn out and the location now houses a machine shop. The rock …

Hypothyroid to Health

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Since watching several of my apparently healthy friends succumb to things like cancer, I have gone on a health quest. It really started about three years ago when I learned I had basically killed my thyroid gland. It probably was a consequence of very poor hygiene in India resulting in my constantly being sick with either sinus infection or digestive …

Elephant Wrath and House Fire

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As a child one of my fondest memories was Mom reading stories to me. These included Little House on the Prairie, Moby Dick, a horse book called Black Beauty, and a collection of funny stories about a veterinarian named James Harriett. There was a large children’s Bible in my bookshelf, but we never read that. One day I happened to …

Leanna is a Doctor!

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In the fall of 2009 I began my Doctoral studies from Regent University, Virginia Beach – the headquarters of Pat Robertson and CBN. On March 24th 2011 a panel of professors heard my Doctoral Defense and, though it is rarely done, awarded me an “Unconditional Pass.” The doctoral study didn’t interfere with my ministry activities as it was almost entirely …

Book going nowhere, but I’m a MOM!

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A wise critic informed me that the cover design needs entirely redone, and that the girl-man image needs to be a photograph. Moreover, the other two cover images – the demon and the flower – were also struck as they make it “too busy.” Have to agree…regretfully, as I spent multiplied weeks finding and/or creating them. Final blow: The inside …