Book going nowhere, but I’m a MOM!


A wise critic informed me that the cover design needs entirely redone, and that the girl-man image needs to be a photograph. Moreover, the other two cover images – the demon and the flower – were also struck as they make it “too busy.” Have to agree…regretfully, as I spent multiplied weeks finding and/or creating them. Final blow: The inside images also probably have to go. Taken together, it was a good excuse to dump the book for a few months and pursue something else that had been smoldering beneath the surface of my soul – the desire to adopt a child.

And now, I’m a MOM!

I have, informally at present, adopted one of the kids from our children’s home! For about two years I have had a growing desire to adopt, but due to my circumstances of not being “settled” anywhere it was clearly impossible so I never gave the idea much entertainment. Then recently, probably around my birthday as I realized my life is half over and also as I spent time working on my book and reliving all the joys of my childhood, I realized that I want passionately to give a child of my own the love, opportunities and experiences that my parents gave me. Without passing on these blessings my life would be incomplete and, in some ways, I feel that my service to the Lord would be incomplete.

Over the past two years one of the older boys at the children’s home – Lakshman – has become increasingly like a son to me. I first noticed him because he started trying to talk English when all the other kids were still only talking Hindi. He was also my best guitar student when I started teaching them guitar. However what made me most excited about him was his exceptional relationship with the Lord. He was always asking to study the Bible or telling about things God had shown him. He had a unique servant attitude and was always helping and giving to others. On several occasions he got reprimanded for preaching the gospel to his teachers and fellow students, and for disturbing the neighbors by leading the rest of the children’s home in loud two-hour praise and worship sessions late at night!

He has a chronic hoarse throat and no amount of endoscopies or medications have made it any better. Nevertheless, his passion is to become a worship leader. He has an amazing anointing on his life. He gets visions and the Lord gives him new worship songs. He has written eight original songs so far which he plays and sings beautifully despite his voice handicap.

It would not work for me to take on the responsibilities of a small child, and the only way it would be possible for me to adopt even an adolescent is for him to continue to live mostly in India so he can continue his schooling. Since Lakshman is half grown (14 yrs) and also since he is from Varanasi, David and Renu – our director of that region – have graciously opened their hearts and home for him to become a part of our family there. When in the US we will be able to interact by Skype and email, and when I’m in India then we can do fun things together and I can mentor him and help him grow in many life skills.

As of Feb. 21st everything came into place and at last I was able to tell him about the plans. Since then I have gotten to spend three wonderful days with him doing what mothers do – buying him all the things he needs or that I think he needs (never had so much fun spending money that I don’t have!), taking him to the dentist, getting various nutritional items to hopefully help his throat improve, doing Bible study and praying together, getting him worship albums and a guitar of his own, and of course going to Pizza Hut and KFC.

I haven’t done any paperwork yet but am researching the possibilities. Though he has to focus on his studies in India when school is going on, summers would be a great time to bring him over to spend time in the US. My mom is already thrilled to be a grandmother and wants him to come stay. However as it is next to impossible to get a visa for an Indian, legal adoption is the only way I can even think of being able to bring him to the US any time soon.

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