Making of a Pioneer

Leanna’s childhood was filled with the conquest of the impossible, from learning to pilot an airplane at age nine to becoming an equestrian champion at sixteen.

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India & Nepal – Early Days

With one woman’s step of faith to pour her life into raising up native leaders, a movement begins.

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Transforming Thousands of Lives in North India & Nepal

Rescuing and educating children, making disciples, elevating whole villages from poverty, superstition and illiteracy to literacy, health and joy.

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Inspiring Leaders Globally

Leanna’s motivational speaking and strategic teaching series now inspires, equips and mobilizes leaders globally to “invade dark places” with God’s love and light.

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Horsing Around

After abandoning her equestrian career and devoting twenty years to nonstop, 18-hour-a-day ministry, today Leanna takes time out to again train horses.

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