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Two days on a dirt bike bouncing over half-paved mountain roads to get up to our kids we rescued in May 2018…. hosting a team to deliver solar lights to some of TellAsia’s other remote areas… and more that can’t go on a blog! True, I haven’t made a blog post in a long time but so much has been happening and here’s a few of the videos that we produced while I was in Nepal and other nations!

Solar lights – October 2018

Trafficking rescue follow up

Over Christmas Leanna went up the Himalayas two days journey by dirt bike to visit kids we rescued from trafficking last year and are now supporting (WATCH VID – Leanna’s recent visit, the rescue in May, and CBN interviewing our native leader about the rescue).

on the bikes headed up the mt
up THAT VALLEY more trafficking is going on, one of TellAsia’s goals is to bust it this year!

Village Fire relief for children; 6 hours trek, no water!

On Christmas eve a remote Himalayan village burned and TellAsia was the first to actually go visit the village and deliver aid (WATCH VIDEO). Amar, our native leader of Nepal motivated the media, the District Superintendent of Police and Chief District Officer to accompany him. They trekked out there using donkeys and sometimes hauling the goods on their backs, three days including SIX HOURS by foot, with no water… and were hospitalized with dehydration upon return!

Amar TellAsia’s Nepal coordinator providing school materials to fire victims

One of many projects for 2019 includes figuring out how to transform this village by bringing them a source of water along with Jesus, the Water of Life!

Plans for 2019

I’m back in the US and lots is happening this year. I’m headed for FL for two conferences there next week and then soon thereafter back to Asia or some conferences. Meanwhile working on several books. Hope to remember to blog more often! Thank you for your prayers.

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