Leanna’s 40th Birthday RIOT!


Turning 40 is bittersweet. Though my body doesn’t jump as high or run as fast as it used to, at least the past holds many wonderful memories. But time is now flying past so to waste it reminiscing would be a dreadful crime. It is the future that is important; what will I do with the next perhaps 40 years I have on this earth?

With that in mind, I determined that my 40th birthday would be a statement of YOUTH, that I am not aging, but am getting younger, and that the future will be better than the past, the next years more productive than the preceding.

So the morning of my birthday I had five of our orphanage kids over and we went shopping and I bought heavier weights for my daily morning exercises. We also bought  a BIG cake. That evening we bussed the entire children’s home over to the house and had a party. There were songs, dances, and good food but best of all, no one got to eat the birthday cake because as soon as the candles were out, we started slinging it! Wonderful mayhem ensued as the cake-smearing war spread out all over the yard and up the stairs and out into the driveway! It was great fun, attested best by the following photos…

“With all 31 kids from the Children’s Home and about 20 other friends and teammates from our ministry here in India…and with a big CAKE FIGHT at the end, my birthday party this year was a total riot! “

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