A Gold Vein Moment-pt 2

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This post grew to over four pages so I split it. You’ll have to come back next week for Part 2…

As I scan the spectrum of vibrant Christian groups I observe that the fresh move of God’s Spirit has brought us out of dry powerless religion. It has brought us to a place where we pray for and receive healing and where words of encouragement are common. The vast majority of groups I interface with are in that place, enjoying this new vibrancy of His life in them, basking in that sauna of His presence. However this is only the beginning, the baby phase. This is Primary School.

Those in this place are discovering Christ as their Foundation. This is essential and cannot be over-emphasized. It is here that new believers are trained in the fundamental principles of discipleship. Yet at this place we are still children – imbalanced or focused inward, having not yet matured to be able to comprehend His Kingdom vision and the purpose of our Citizenship in Heaven.

A few individuals and groups, their feet firmly planted on Christ the Foundation, can see “another horizon.” A horizon that is beyond self, beyond God’s goodness and healing toward the individual, which builds upon that foundation already laid but isn’t satisfied to stay there – which must move up higher, closer to God’s heart, closer to His purpose and His best and His destiny for us.

In today’s meeting my spirit reveled in the Scriptures ministered by each contributor. It was that more lofty horizon which was seen and declared. It was bigger than self, bigger than “me and God.” It was about God’s people going forth in Word and power releasing His love and salvation across regions, territories, cities, nations.

This is Secondary School. But those in Secondary School are still children. There’s something more, and it constitutes the whole purpose for which we are alive!

It’s rare that I have the privilege of being in a meeting such as today’s, in which multiple ministers all declare the same thing, which also aligns with Scripture and with God’s character. Thus what has been said is confirmed to be the very heartbeat and intention of God. Such indicates a spiritual vortex, a moment in time at which those things spoken are the living breath of God preparing to cause something to burst into being. They aren’t just encouraging words. They are not intended to be merely a spiritual Red Bull, propelling individuals for a few hours or a few days but then forgotten or set on a shelf.

When we sense that we have participated in a spiritual vortex, a high level revelation of the heartbeat of God for ourselves, a group, a region or a sphere of influence, then we are in a unique place. But too often we are like the gold miner who has picked and jack hammered and blasted his way to the heart of the mountain. One day deep in the shaft shining his beam upon the wall he glimpses a faint trace of gold peeping out from between the rocks! The miner rushes home and with exultant joy tells his family the great story – he tells how hard he worked and all the trials he underwent and at last the triumphant news of the shimmering gold vein he has discovered in the rock wall.

But by morning he has forgotten the treasure. He is so accustomed to hammering and picking and digging that the nearness of the prize passes him by. Instead of returning to the shaft to pursue the vein and extract the treasure, he trundles off to a different mountain and begins digging all over again!

When God releases a mighty and confirmed declaration but we neglect to press into it, we downgrade it to a mere word of encouragement. We go home much encouraged only to forget it a few days later, and thus we miss an awesome breakthrough which God had intended to release from the shadows of vision into tangible fulfillment. But when we do not press in to dig the promise out and bring it forth into fruition, we are no different than that poor miner who, being so close to his life’s fortune, let the moment pass him by.

Today we were in a vortex of God’s heart. Things which are not were being called forth. We have a choice: Enjoy the moment as mere encouragement and soon it will drift from our minds and hearts, the anointing which could have birthed it into reality lost; or receive it as the real, true and genuine intention of God which can really and actually come to pass… discuss it, pray into it, strategize around it and pursue it to fulfillment. If one day is not sufficient time, then immediately plan a followup meeting where the guidance received is taken seriously and developed into one or more action plans.

For example: Today multiple ministers all declared that for this particular group and region, this is a season of transition. Echoing a powerful word of prophecy received moments earlier, the first speaker took Joshua 3 declaring God is moving us from a Moses season to a Joshua season, from a time of maturation to a time of going forth to transform and influence. Another saw God’s people surrounded by mountains of impossibility and the mountains collapsing as God’s people arose in faith and action. Another read a previous word of a “triumphant reserve” and a “changing horizon line.”

Prior to all of the above, I received (but did not deliver till the meeting’s end) “Helm’s Deep” It meant “You came here thinking you were just coming to a safe place to be encouraged, but in fact you are to be transformed into God’s warriors of hope and salvation. The pressure of whatever you have faced has prepared you for this moment. This is a transition moment. You no longer attempt to find safety instead you face and challenge the darkness. One translation of Mk 16:15,17 reads “As you go… preach the gospel… and these signs shall follow…” So also AS you arise to face what seems impossible odds the Host of Heaven is at that very moment also released to win the battle and propel you into victory.”

The Lord forbade me to lead the prophetic action, but bid me call upon the appointed indigenous visionary of the network to lead it. And so the congregation in unison stretched out the sword of the Lord, the Word of God enlivened by Spirit, in every direction declaring the mountains of impossibility torn down and transitioning the group into conquest as Joshuas to influence territories for God’s Kingdom.



Continued from A Gold Vein Moment Part 1

Following this brief time however, the moment ended. This particular meeting was not unique. In the few meetings that actually attain Secondary School, I’ve almost never seen one which went beyond it into strategic mobilization and action plans.

This is not limited to corporate meetings but also pertains to the individual. When the Lord speaks to an individual providing vision, guidance and promise, the moment must be captured, taken seriously and acted upon. It is a gold vein moment, a vortex of God’s heart, in which a miracle is about to break forth. But usually we make little further effort to press in and dig out the gold. We celebrate it as an encouragement for whatever worth it may have for us, then we go our way. As in every meeting I’ve ever seen, and as in most believers, we have no paradigm for doing anything more with these promises than allowing them to “encourage our hearts.” We return to our daily business.

But have we not just stepped into a gold vein moment? Have we not just received parallel and complementary words of promise from the Lord, confirmed in the mouths of multiple ministers? And is not the thing the Lord desires to do, in which He has bared to us His very heart for our community and region, awesome and glorious?

Had our boss at work said “I’m sending you on a mission” we would have stood at attention until he had the opportunity to tell us where to go and what task to carry out. Or we would have inquired and asked to know the details of the mission so that we might successfully fulfill it. Had we simply gone about business as usual our boss would be deeply disappointed for he would perceive we didn’t take his words seriously. It might even appear that we didn’t respect or honor him, or that we placed a low value on his words.

Secondary School is the place of visions of God beyond ourselves, where His Word leaps off the page with promise, but we receive these as mere words of encouragement, a can of spiritual Red Bull. This is not the ultimate, nor is it the goal. It is one more step in God’s process of getting us to where He needs us to be in order to fulfill His purpose. This is the threshold to something awesome but if we never cross it we will never see the fulfillment. We console ourselves with enjoying the vision of the Promised Land from the mountain top, but few actually descend the mountain and go about possessing it. Being uncertain what to do in order for it to become reality, we continue in the desert eating manna, enjoying God’s second best.

So continuing with the example of the meeting which just occurred: What specifically could be done – yes, even now can still be done – with the promises and direction received?

The meeting had already lasted over five hours, night had come and some had driven long distances in snowy conditions. So it was probably necessary that it be adjourned. However the next month’s meeting was announced and participants strongly encouraged to attend, and one minister, sensing the mind of the Spirit, reminded the congregation that this was a moment of transition from the season of instruction to the season of invasion and influence.

Now, prior to next month’s meeting the leadership should issue an email to all members in which the specific direction received in the previous meeting is detailed. Optimally a full transcript or audio recording of the meeting would also be provided, though sufficient summary should be provided in the text whereby individuals can be reminded of the direction and flow of what was received.

The email should then encourage members to pray into these things and be prepared in the next meeting to seek further direction from the Lord as to HOW THESE THINGS SHOULD COME TO PASS. They should then be prepared to offer ideas and action plans as to how to implement them and see them come to fruition.

The over-arching theme of what the Lord was saying can be summarized as a transition from Moses to Joshua, from coming together for safety and encouragement to facing outward and going to dispel darkness and mountains of impossibility falling.

We should first discuss how we have individually and corporately been in a Moses season. Then we should discuss specifically what it means to transition into a Joshua mindset and season. This should not be a “message” preached by one person, but an interactive discussion with all members participating at will.

Those who wish to share should then tell about the “promised land” that they are to possess (some have multiple but they should focus on one), and what action steps their personal ministry or organization is currently taking and what changes could be made to become more effective. The others should offer ideas, take notes, commit to pray for them and also collaborate in provision of resources to fulfill any needs.

After a number of individuals have thus carried out strategy, the group should consider together what “transitioning from Moses to Joshua” means for the region and for them collectively as God’s spiritual government of the territory. It may mean that the group will take action to promote a particular and influential principle of righteousness which, once passed, would significantly advance righteousness in the region. It may mean that on some topic of society in which God’s people have seen themselves forced into retreat or silence, the group finds a creative way to go on the offensive and bring a resurgence of God’s will in regard to that topic.

The outcomes of the above may require great effort and also financial investment. This is why we rarely move from the safety of enjoying God’s promises as “encouraging words” to acting upon them. This is why we are for the most part satisfied to see the Promised land from afar but most do not go down to actually possess it.

Our spiritual culture must mature to the place where we take such vision and promise seriously. If God is really speaking to us, then this is huge! This is serious! Something awesome is about to happen. We must dig into it, allow God to guide us to develop action plans around it and then go forth to execute it. When we thus return to our mine shaft and dig out the gold, we have entered the purpose for which we are alive. When we do this, we graduate from high school. We become ambassadors of the Kingdom, on mission for the King to rescue captives and redeem territories.


  1. In 1968, I sat in on some lofty meetings talking about how the church should break down racial dividers in America. Others were tired of the talking and said it was time to take action. Your remarks remind me of that meeting. Some were willing to talk about the right course of action forever. The others were saying the time for talking is over! …..after taking the Perspectives course in 1984 my church planted the first Spanish speaking church in our town. Today In anouth town I enjoy telling unchurched Hispanic kids about the Lord. I don’t speak Spanish and they want to learn English. The parents are happy to send their kids. For five years we have met in their living rooms. We have just transitioned to the youth room in a nearby church. God is so willing that the unchurched hear that he will use just about anyone to get it done. Follow God outside the church to reach them. I had my pastors blessing even though they knew it might never mean an increase in their church. Leana, you are right, some people are willing to talk about what is right forever. They are missing out on the closer relationship with the Lord as he leads us to depend on him for direction.

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