HEAL OUR LAND part 2: Prophets and Kings

The ten days between the Jewish Feast of Trumpets (Sept 18-20) and the Day of Atonement (Sept 27-28) are a time of introspection and repentance. Sept 26th – 40 days before the US presidential election – happens to fall within this time period. These are only a few of the reasons for which I felt […]


Our nation – and the world – is experiencing one of the most momentous times in history. While the Covid-19 shutdowns have magnified poverty in developing nations, the racial unrest in the US has spilled over to other nations. Meanwhile in India, a nation into which I have invested 20+ years of my life, radical […]

Rough Little Hands of Hope

This Friday at 7pm Mountain time, I will host a Facebook Live interview with some of our dynamic field leaders in India (TUNE IN @WeIgniteNations). The topic will be social justice and anti-trafficking. So I thought for my blog post this week, to provide a brief excerpt from the first chapter of my book, Treasures in Dark […]